Deliverable reports from the transPLANT project.

Title Description Report
Deliverable 2.1 Report: "Translational research for agronomical application" PDF icon D2.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 3.1 Recommended ontology set for use in phenotype description and epigenetic variability PDF icon D3.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 3.2 Format specifications for data exchange by flat file and web services PDF icon D3.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 5.1 Updated data warehouses developed for genomic annotation and variation data PDF icon D5.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 5.2 Implementation of transPLANT cloud computing environment PDF icon D5.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 7.1 A registry of plant genomic information PDF icon D7.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 7.2 Interfaces for integrating omics data within the transPLANT user interface PDF icon D7.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 8.1 Datasets with associations available and integrated into visualisation interfaces PDF icon D8.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 8.2 Implementation of a pan-genome viewer PDF icon D8.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 9.1 Variation repository, first release PDF icon D9.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 9.2 Data from Arabidopsis 1001 genomes project integrated in central hub PDF icon D9.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 10.1 Statistical descriptors for genotype-phenotype map construction PDF icon D10.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 10.2 Software for analysis of genome-wide association data PDF icon D10.2 (pdf)
Deliverable 11.1 Search engine software core released and trained PDF icon D11.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 12.1 Development and test of sophisticated statistical methods to model variation in large plant genomes PDF icon D12.1 (pdf)
Deliverable 12.2 A web-based interface for a decision support system that evaluates and recommends on genome sequencing PDF icon D12.2 (pdf)