The transPLANT newsletter

A new transPLANT newsletter has been launched to keep interested users up-to-date with developments within the project, useful tools and services, and of wider issues of interest.

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Issue 4

The Summer 2015 transPLANT newsletter (issue 4) looks at:

- Training: latest workshop course materials now online
- Comparative genomics in Ensembl Plants
- Plant genome annotation pipelines in the MAKER
- deNBI: the German Network for Bioinformatics Infrastructure
- ELIXIR-EXCELERATE: accelerating the development of data infrastructure for life sciences

Issue 3

The third transPLANT newsletter from Spring 2015 includes articles on:

- transPLANT workshop on 'Mining Plant Variation Data'
- The transPLANT cloud infrastructure
- LAILAPS: a new integrative search engine for plant genomics data
- A new method for QTL Candidate Gene Prioritization
- REPET: a software for the analysis of repeats

Issue 2

The second newsletter for transPLANT from November 2014 includes articles on:

- The transPLANT website: new data, new tools, easier navigation
- Training: new resources and events
- Two new data warehouses: GrapeMine and Wheat3BMine
- e!DAL - Store, cite and share research data
- Filling the gap between sequence and function - a bioinformatics approach

Issue 1:

The first newsletter for transPLANT is now available! The spring 2014 issue brings you up-to-date with all the latest transPLANT news:

- What transPLANT is;
- The variation archive now accepts submissions;
- The transPLANT resource registry;
- transPLANT training resources now available online;
- Results of the 2013 user survey are published;
- Developing standards for plant phenotyping data.


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